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Through a combination of management overview and excellent on-site supervision,
Matt was able to maintain a consistently high standard of workmanship and timeliness
across all the trades. The Defects List prepared during the Practical Completion
inspection was one of the briefest produced by this office for a project of this nature.

- Scott Oswald, Donovan Payne Architects

I regard Kimberley Green as a highly professional building company, and my experinece with them has been most satisfactory, with the work being caried out properly and with great effciency. The projects were free from difficulty, crisis or conflict, and were completed to a superior standard of finish, on time, and within budget. Kimberley Green seem to be able to get on with the job without unnessary fuss. 

- Kim Coleman, Kim Coleman Associates 

They were efficient and thorough. Its good to get good service - particularly out here in the remote areas. Thankyou.


- Jungdranung Remote Community School 

The majority of clients who have had projects done by Kimberley Green have commented upon the workmanship, the tidiness and the cornern shown by the workers to ensure that the client remans fully aware of all procedures necessary for a smooth operation with the least disruption to the clients business. 

- Peter Gannon, CAMS

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